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Once considered exclusively for the correction of disfigurements, plastic surgery has now become one of the most common and popular of all medical procedures. And, while the decision to undergo surgery should only be made after careful consideration, just as important is the selection of the surgeon. The results will likely depend upon the surgeon's ability and direct experience with the procedure.

Dr. Joseph Danyo and Dr. Jillian Banbury are board certified plastic surgeons with extensive experience in the areas of plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Prior to your surgery, we will first conduct a private consultation with you to learn about your personal situation, and to discuss your goals and concerns. Through the use of computer imaging, Dr. Danyo and Dr. Banbury are able to enhance communication of the projected results of specific procedures.

Deciding to undergo plastic surgery is a very personal decision that not everyone will understand. Our goal is to make every patient comfortable with their decision for cosmetic surgery.

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Dr. Danyo and Dr. Banbury are pleased to announce that we are the first in Delaware to offer the Accent xl Dual Mode RF System, one of the most advanced technology available in aesthetic medicine.
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